Tallahassee.pm - The Tallahassee PerlUser's Group

Tallahassee.pm - The Tallahassee Perl User's Group

Tallahassee.pm is a loosely organized group of Perl users located in the Tallahassee, FL area in the U.S.

Here, professionals and amateurs band together under a common flag to learn, teach, and generally have a good time with the programming language known as Perl.  For some of us, it is a passion; for others, just a job; for still others, just a way to pass an evening. 

To keep in touch, Tallahassee.pm provides a mailing list for discussion of general Perl issues and things specific to Tallahassee.pm itself.  Anyone interested in learning, teaching, and experiencing Perl can subscribe to the mailing list.  This list and all other services we enjoy (including this very web page) are provided by the good folks at pm.org, otherwise known as the PerlMongers, of which Tallahassee.pm is a satellite organization.

To help us document and collaborate, we keep a Wiki Wiki Web that allows us to use a free-form environment that allows easy updates and additions.

Tallahassee.pm is still quite new and we are still trying to get the word out to the Tallahassee community that we exist.  Once we believe this has been done, we hope to call a social gathering (either physical or virtual) to allow group members to exchange ideas about how we can best proceed as an organization.  The goal is to provide the best support possible to the local community in using, learning, teaching, and advocating Perl.  It's a goal that all members can help to achieve.

Share and enjoy!

James Tillman <jtillman@bigfoot.com>
Tallahassee Perl User's Group